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Nuri’s Policy


NURI assumes itself as an innovative and flexible company in the socks market, whose concern is to create products at competitive prices, times, and quality, through:

  • The commitment and technical knowledge of employees and suppliers.
  • From customer engagement.



We want to be a reference in the market for differentiated quality products.



The company emphasizes its activity based on the following values:

  • Competence and Rigor.
  • Responsibility and Commitment.
  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements, as well as those agreed with the client and other interested parties.
  • pollution prevention.
  • Prevention of accidents and health effects.


Nuri’s Policy

Nuri assume, in their management, the permanent commitment to achieve a high level of satisfaction of their customers, partners and other interested parties in terms of quality, environment, safety, chemicals and social responsibility (verified in the Code of Conduct).

The high know-how and response to market growth, combined with the continuous investment in the modernization of our processes, allow us to present products that meet and exceed the expectations and needs of our customers.

Thus, Nuri undertakes to define, communicate, and enforce a Policy focused on:

  • Establish strategic partnerships with suppliers to obtain excellent raw materials and more sustainable alternatives.
  • Continuous improvement of our products and processes.
  • Manage and optimize resources properly to promote organizational profitability.
  • Use of the most advanced production technologies.
  • Consultation, participation and involvement of our employees and subcontractors for good execution practices, environmental requirements and safety and health at work, ensuring their awareness.
  • Adopt equipment and operating methods to prevent and minimize the risks of incidents, injuries, and occupational diseases of its employees.
  • To promote the competence and satisfaction of its employees, to generate an involvement of all in the fulfilment of the company’s objectives, giving priority to their training and information, the promotion of team spirit and their responsibility and involvement in continuous improvement.
  • Promote good environmental practices and the continuous improvement of production flows and products, implementing technology and actions to prevent pollution.
  • Condemn child labour, forced and compulsory labour, not agreeing with such practices by third parties, who provide us with products or services.
  • Allow freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, without discrimination, guaranteeing compliance with the principles enshrined in Labour Law regarding working hours, disciplinary practices, and remuneration, and guaranteeing the conciliation between professional, family, and personal life.
  • To promote the physical and emotional well-being of all people working in the company.

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